Why choose Ponsford

Brisbane based, experienced and award winning

Ponsford is celebrating 25 years of building, having started our company in 1993 our Brisbane based builders are multi award winning including a master builders national award (read more about our awards here). Ponsford's builders hold open general builders licences and aside from our builders, Ponsford has an office in ascot, 4 office staff to manage your project, Lister Ponsford, estimator, construction manager and an admin personell.

Our experience shows. Ponsford Builders have over 20 years experience in working with projects that have development approvals and working with there compliance conditions set for any project. We also have the experience in working with the client to get there plans sealed with council well before practical completion. 

No project too small or too large

Ponsford has a long and diverse building history; ranging from small renovations, to 6 story apartment buildings, to commercial office fitout. Unlike other companies, we are always happy to look at any size building project because no project is too big or too small.

We offer a no obligation consultation service to discuss your project and draw from our 25 years of building, construction and project management experience. Ponsford Builders have a wide range of architects and consultants to any size or difficulties to make your project happen and of course, if you are time poor, we also offer a fixed price management fee to bring the project together ready for construction.

Project management

Ponsford Builders offer a complete building service from concept to completion. Here at Ponsford we can not only assist you in completing your project but we are happy to project manage your project, in consultation with the required consultants, to come up with the most efficient and compliant design. We are also happy to review and comment on your consultant drawings and designs during the tender stage to get the most efficient design, costs and compliance for your project. 

We have many options to streamline your project and a wide range of finishes and specialized contractors to give you a perfect look or overcome any difficulty to your project. Of course we love exploring new options that would suit anything different you would like to include in your project and are happy to assist and make changes that you may require during the project.

We value quality

For most projects we can offer a fixed price contract. What is more important to us though is quality. We offer a quality building service that is not necessarily the 'cheapest', that's not us. We do not cut corners, we do supervise our sites very closely to make sure your project is exactly what you wanted. We put in that effort because we want your project to be just as good as you hope it will be. 

Not only do we care about quality but we also do that with a smile and a "can do attitude" to make your construction experience one to remember for all for the right reasons. We put in that effort, that attention to detail and investment in your best interest regarding the progress of your project because those are all the things, the quality, you lose when you choose a cheap option. 

So why choose Ponsford? With the care, quality, extensive experience and positive attitude we can deliver why choose anybody else to take care of your project? Contact us today if you have a project that needs building.


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