About Us

About Ponsford Builders

Ponsford Builders was established in 1993 by Lister Ponsford.

Traditionally a high end national and multi state award winning builder, that specialised in building and developing luxury town houses and units across Brisbane.

Since 2022 Hugh Murray has joined forces with Lister Ponsford to create a new vision for Ponsford Builders now specialising in insurance work whilst maintaining their custom high-end builds.

The 2021-2022 SEQ floods caused devastation across Brisbane, Ponsford Builders has completed in excess of 200 insurance works jobs since, to get people back in their homes and work places in a timely manner ensuring the highest quality of works are completed.

Our business now has a 2-tier part where we continue to specialise in high end custom builds working directly for our clients.

Secondly working with insurance companies or directly with clients in the space of disaster event rebuilds and house raising across SEQ.